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Testing for Moisture Content


For Wood and Other Similar Sub-Floors Types:


Using a quality pin moisture meter, measure the moisture content of both the sub-floor and the

hardwood flooring. Sub-Floors must not exceed 12% moisture content and the difference between

sub-floor and hardwood flooring cannot exceed 4%. If sub-floors exceed this amount, do not begin

or continue the installation until the source of moisture has been located and eliminated.


For Concrete Sub-Floors:-

A minimum of 30 days drying time for a reliable moisture reading is necessary. Concrete is never

completely “dry”; so, concrete sub-floors should always be checked for moisture prior to wood

floor installation. Two of the more common moisture tests are:


Calcium Chloride Test

Moisture vapor emissions should not exceed 3 lbs/1000 square feet per 24 hours with this test.

One test must be performed every 250 square feet. Calcium Chloride Tests can be found in

Flooring retail stores or retail websites on the internet such as or [1-888-216-TEST (8378)].


Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter

Moisture readings using a metering device should not exceed 4.5 on the upper scale. Please visit the manufacturer’s website


Moisture Barrier Systems

The following moisture barrier systems (outlined above) carry may warranty from their manufacturer,

which you must verify independently and be satisfied with. We do not warrant

such systems.


Franklin (

– Tech Services: 1-800-669-4583

Bostik-Findley (

– Tech Services: 1-800-523-6530

Sika Primer (

– Tech Services: 1-800-933-SIKA

Dri Tac (

– Tech Services: 1-800-394-9310


Please visit the manufacturer’s websites for full details. Each of the sealer systems may require a specific type of test for the concrete sub-floor (for example, Calcium Chloride Tests). Important: While installers often use asphalt felt and sheet vinyl as “moisture barriers,” they are not true moisture barriers and carry no warranties. If installing over subfloor, use vapor retarders such as asphalt, saturated craft paper or 15lbs. felt.


NOTE: Over a wood subfloor do not use an impermeable vapor retarder material with a perm rating of 7 or less, such as 6 mil polyurethane film or other polymer materials, as it may trap moisture on or in the subfloor.

For full product warranty please call customer service at 1(877)837-3259