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  • Engineered High Gloss Ironwood Mocha

FREE 4-3/4"Engineered High Gloss Ironwood Mocha - Clearance Item - ($3.90/SF) - SAMPLE

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Regular Price: $4.29

FREE 4-3/4"Engineered High Gloss Ironwood Mocha

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Dimensions: Width 4-3/4" - Thickness 1/2" - Rando Lengths From 1' to 4' '
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Product ID (SKU):#FH1-EE42A06H-SAMPLE
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Our samples are designed to bring our store to your  home. We know that you want to touch, see and test out your floors before you make your purchase, this is how we ensure you know what you are getting. The best part it there is no driving around town, just a few clicks and they are at your door to keep and use as reference.

So what are engineered hardwood floors exactly? Well they are real hardwood floors that have been constructed to withstand the effects of moisture and temperature. They do not shrink, warp and bow like solid hardwood floors do. The reason is spelled out in the name; solid wood products are just that, solid planks. Engineered hardwood floors are engineered planks, instead of a solid piece of wood, these planks are made from layers of real wood that have been compressed to form one plank. This removes most of the woods need to adjust to its new environment and has provided a popular new form of flooring which is quickly growing all over the world.

Most engineered hardwood floors are pre-finished which also saves time, money and the opportunity for a mishap. ALL of the engineered hardwood floors on are pre-finished.

Our Engineered hardwood floors are 9-ply, which is considered premium grade. Make sure when shopping around to ask how many layers of wood go into each plank, this has a huge impact on the structural integrity of the floor.

Due to their construction, engineered products can be installed as floating floors, glued down or nailed /stapled onto a sub-floor.

Engineered hardwood flooring is the only form of hardwood flooring that can be used in a basement. Due to their resistance to high humidity and moisture engineered hardwood floors are allowing wood flooring to go to places it was formerly banned, such as a basement!

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