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Choosing the Right Flooring

Things to consider when searching for the perfect floor...


    Handscraped, Distressed and Tuscan Scraped Flooring: Textured floors are good for high traffic rooms. They mask wear and tear with their pre-worn surface. If you have children, pets or know the room will incur heavy usage these types of textures will be ideal. Our engineered hardwood floors are scraped by hand meaning no two planks are the same. Our laminate floors have 8 variations in the texture to avoid a repetitive pattern.


    Smooth and High Gloss Flooring: Smooth and High Gloss floors are great for chic, modern interiors. The are a little more high maintenance than handscraped and do not mask traffic as well, however many people choose these flooring textures for their aesthetic appeal.



    Laminate Flooring: Laminate floors are extremely durable, affordable and easy to install. These floors are great for someone who wants a low maintenance floor that looks like hardwood and fits well in their budget. Laminate flooring is best for areas that do not have a lot of moisture. Contrary to many beliefs, moder laminate planks are mostly wood, only the very top layer is a laminated image, the core is HDF (High Density Flooring). HDF is compressed pieces of wood, an industrial grade, heavy duty particle board is one way to describe it. High density flooring is known for being a little louder than engineered wood cores, this is why most moisture barriers also have acoustical muffling attributes. You may be surprised at modern laminate's similarity to real hardwood floors.


    Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Engineered hardwood floors are the answer to many who have wanted hardwood floors but were worried that their room would cause them to warp, expand or shrink. Engineered floors are the only wood floors that can be installed in a basements and are the most moisture resistant hardwood floors on the market. Engineered floors are real hardwood floors... the difference is in the construction of the plank. Solid wood floors are truly a solid plank either finished or unfinished. Engineered hardwood floors however, are a plank that has been cut into layers and then reattached through high compression and industrial grade adhesive. Engineered hardwood floors are the better, and more evolved type of hardwood floors on the market. They are more structurally stable and look just as appealing.



    Wear layer, hardness and species: When searching through the many brands and many options it becomes hard to define 'quality'. Many ask us how our brands compare to each other, we often reply that you should compare the product, not the brand. Three factors to look for are wear layer, hardness and species. A 2 mm wear layer is the industry standard for engineered hardwood floors, it can be refinished multiple times. From this thickness as you go up or down the price drops and increases dramatically. Laminate floors have much thicker wear layers, some reach 12 mm. The typical rule is that every time the floor is refinished you loose 0.3 mm of the wear layer. Hardness will determine how hard your floor will be to scratch, hardness and shock absorption are important. Some floors may be soft, but they absorb shock. Maple is a great example, it is not the hardest floor, but because it absorbs shock well, you can find it in bowling alleys across the country. Species is important because each species has its strong points and weak points. Research your species to find which is right for you. Some are less likely to change colors in sunlight, others are insect resistant and some are just plain durable. Figure out which one will meet your needs and demonstrate its strengths in your home, office or renovation.



    Choose the right fit: We offer samples just for this reason. Now you have all of your flooring options in your own home. You can hold the flooring sample up to furniture, walls, rugs and more. This will give you confidence in your choice instead of relying on your memory to keep track of all the ones you loved at a physical store. Choose from exotics, classics, rustic floors and more. We are sure you will find the right fit!

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